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Complete Hidden Video Surveillance HC-OUTLT-DVR

This electrical outlet DVR plugs into a regular wall outlet and gives you easy video surveillance. The hidden color camera looks straight out of the wall outlet and will record all movement it sees.  Play back recorded footage on TV or computer. Self-contained DVR means you have nothing else to buy to complete your surveillance.

3 Different Ways to Record

  • Motion Detection: Built-in motion detection recording means that it can easily be set to only record when there is motion or activity taking place. 
  • Continuously: You may also set it to record continuously if desired.
  • Schedule Record: The third method of recording is scheduled record. The menu will also allow you to select which hours of the day you want to record whether it be continuous, motion activated, or not at all. 
In addition, you may also select the overwrite feature which will overwrite the oldest footage when the SD card is full. All recordings are time and date stamped and stored to hidden SD card.  The unit will accept up to a 32Gb SD card.

Easy Video Playback on TV or Computer

Recorded video can be played back on your TV or on your computer.  All software and hardware are included for playback on both a TV and computer.

Installs in Seconds

This is a non-functioning, multi-outlet and plugs into any regular wall outlet.  The DVR is programmable to record on motion.  All you have to do is plug it into an outlet.  Nothing else to buy for your video surveillance.

This is a NON functioning outlet. It plugs into the wall for power but you cannot plug anything into it.

User Adjustable Frame rates and Recording Times

SD Card
Recording time at 30fps
Recording time at 15fps  Recording time at 10fps  Recording time at 5fps Recording time at 1fps
4 Hours
 8 Hours
 12 Hours
24 Hours
120 Hours
8 Hours
16 Hours
24 Hours
48 Hours
240 Hours
16 Hours
32 Hours
 48 Hours
 96 Hours
480 Hours
32 Hours
 64 Hours
 96 Hours
 192 Hours
960 Hours
 16Gb 64 Hours
128 Hours
192 Hours
 384 Hours
1920 Hours
 32Gb 128 Hours
 256 Hours
 384 Hours
768 Hours
3840 Hours
Units have user-adjustable framerates. Higher framerates mean smoother video but shorter recording times.  Lower framerates mean more choppy video but longer recording times. Unit can be set to overwrite.  When set to overwrite, it will record over the oldest footage when the SD card is full. Overwrite allows the unit to run for weeks or months on its own.  When something happens, simply pull out the SD card and review your recorded footage.
Print / Download Product Spec Sheet

Product Specifications and Features

Display Resolutions640 x 480 (1-12fps) and 320 x 240 (1-30fps)
Record Rates640 x 480 (1-12fps) and 320 x 240 (1-30fps)
Color480 lines .5 lux Sony Super HAD CCD camera
Time & Date StampYes
Video FormatMPEG-4
Video Recording ModesContinuous or Motion Activation
Playback Speed1x, 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, 32x
Mac compatibleOS 9 and newer
Windows CompatibleWindows 98 and newer including Vista)
PowerBatteries or Included AC power supply
Package IncludesWall Outlet DVR Hidden Camera
SD card reader for Windows with USB cable and software
8Gb SD card
Complete and easy to understand instruction book
Video cable
Wireless remote control

Package Includes

Wall Outlet DVR Hidden Camera
SD card reader for Windows with USB cable and software
8Gb SD card
Complete and easy to understand instruction book
Video cable
Wireless remote control

Isaac from Waltham, MA 2012-06-28 11:21:14

Beyond my initial purchase
I also called for support and I was treated very well
My experience so far has been excellent.

David from Lake Worth, FL 2010-11-16 14:42:19

Always a pleasure to do business. You tend to have some very unique products not found on other sites making it better to shop with you. This product has been an invaluable tool in exposing the corruption many of us suspected for a long time.

Daniel from Greenwood, SC 2010-06-30 16:30:12

I love the camera.

Gary from Manassas, VA 2010-04-12 15:34:22

The personal service you provided sold me on your company for future needs. Too often web based companies hire CSR\'s with little or no product knowledge. Keep up the good work!

Tina from Thousand Oaks, CA 2010-03-01 09:36:12

customer service is excelent, when i call in everyone is very knowledgable and helpful, i enjoy shopping here.

Kip from Bourg, LA 2009-07-02 18:57:01

This is great for monitoring a baby or elderly person

John from Romulus, NY 2009-08-10 13:14:44

I am very satisfied with the products and service. We are now buying almost all of our surveillance equipment from your company

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