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Color, 1/5" CCD camera, 85 degree FOV, .1 lux, 380 lines. This snake camera has an overall length of 40 inches and 21 inches of 3/8" diameter flexible neck. The actual head of the snake camera has a 5/8" diameter. 12 volt DC operation. RCA video jack connection on snake camera for recording or viewing.

Lense of snake camera can be rotated to adjust the camera focus to be able to focus on items both close and far away.

Microphone is run on a separate wire as shown in the picture below and uses an RCA jack for audio connection.

The covert hidden camera advertised on this page is HARD-WIRED. That means it must be connected directly to your TV or VCR to view or record. There will have to be a video cable connected directly from the hidden camera all the way to your TV or VCR.

You may very well require longer video cable than we include. Click here for longer or  additional cables.  Or you can easily connect this camera to your computer by using one of our DVR cards.

Connects directly to any of our monitors, body worn dvrs, TV sets, or VCRs. Or connect it to a transmitter to send video to a different location.

Package Includes: Color snake camera with flexible neck, 12V AC power supply, AA battery pack, 25 foot power/video cable.

Charles from Savannah, GA 2008-09-29 13:44:40

Good product. Customer very satisfied after installation. Will definately use agian.

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