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Realtime DVR Card with Audio Turns Your Computer Into a Surveillance DVR

DVR cards with inputs for audio and video. 30fps (realtime) viewing and recording for each and every channel.  Available up to 8 channels.  All recorded video is timedate stamped. H.264 Recording.

Easily Installs Into a Vacant PCI Slot

Installation is quick and easy.  Card(s) install into vacant PCI slot.  Every 4 channels requires a PCI slot.  So, a 4 channel card requires one PCI slot and the 8 channel card requires 2 PCI slots.

DVR Cards Have Audio and Video Input

Unlike other DVR cards on the market, these DVR cards have both video and audio inputs for each and every channel.  If you have 8 cameras with audio, you can connect all of them, both video and audio, to these dvr cards.  

Record Continuously, on a Schedule, or on Motion Detection

The included software allows many advanced recording options:
  • Record Continuously
  • Record On a Schedule (M-F 8am - 5pm continuous, 5pm-8am motion detection)
  • Record On Motion Detection - Record on motion from any camera, no motion sensors needed.  The software application analyzes the video signal to detect motion.

Playback Easily on Your Computer and Export Footage to .EXE

The included software allows you to playback recorded video and audio from any number of cameras simultaneously.  Recordings are stored on your computer's hard drive.  The software also allows you to export recorded video to an executable .EXE file that can be played back on any Windows computer.

View Your Cameras Over the Internet

Included software has the capability for internet viewing.  This means that, using your internet connection, you can login remotely from anywhere else in the world and view the live and recorded footage from any number of your cameras.

Works With Any Combination of Cameras: Hard Wired, Wireless, Hidden, Security

Connect any type and any mixture of cameras to dvr cards.  Mix and match in whatever fashion you wish.  All hard-wired, all wireless, half and half, some hidden, it doesn't matter - you can use any combination you wish.

Specifications & Features

  • 4 and 8 Channel Cards Available
  • Audio for every channel
  • H.264 Recording
  • Software Included
  • Remote Internet Viewing Through Internet Explorer
  • Export Recordings to .EXE file for playback on any Windows computer

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