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Digimaster Tone Decoder

Unit is powered by a 9 volt battery. To change battery, remove screw in center of decoder and pull top cover off. Unit has a built in microphone and direct connect cable.

Shows You What Phone Numbers Were Called

The decoder will decode 16 digits in each of 3 memories. If more than 16 digits are entered, the oldest will be deleted. After decoding tones, display will show digits for several seconds and then go blank. To view digits again, press button marked "input". Up to 3 ---16 digit sequences will be saved. To erase data, turn unit off.

Connect Directly to Phone or Use Built-in Microphone

Using internal microphone: Turn unit on. Hold decoder 2-3 inches from speaker with the microphone facing speaker.

Using cable connector: Plug cable into jack marked "reset" and into tone source output. ( On a tape recorder this is normally the earphone output) Play tones and adjust volume level on tape recoder until unit begins reading tones.

Using direct connect telephone cable: Plug supplied cable into standard modular telephone jack and into the tone decoder jack marked "reset". As numbers are touched on touch tone phone, they will appear on decoder. ( Up to 16 digits).

DTMF decodes, bugging device, debugging, rf detector

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