4 Channel HD 1080p DVR 2mp
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4 Channel HD 1080p DVR 2mp

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4 Channel HD Hybrid DVR with 1080p Recording

This high definition digital video recorder can record 4 channels in stunning 1080p HD High Definition at once when using any high definition cameras.  We have several available in the accessories area at the top of this page. You can mix and match AHD, TVI, CVI and you old analog cameras if you wish.  

This DVR will provide 6 times the resolution of traditional old style analog cameras. All of this is done while using normal power video cables.  You can mix and match HD and standard analog cameras.

Playback recorded footage in single camera mode or all 4 cameras on the same screen.

The free app for your smart phone is easy to load and use. This app will allow you to view live or even playback recorded footage.

Three Models to Choose from. Select Size of Hard Drive

DVR-4C1TB 1 Terabyte SATA hard drive
DVR-4C2TB  2 Terabyte SATA hard drive
DVR-4C4TB  4 Terabyte SATA hard drive

 Mix and Match HD Cameras and Standard Analog Cameras

This is a hybrid DVR. This means you can use any combination you wish of standard analog cameras and/or mix and match CVI, TVI, AHD  cameras. This allows easy upgrading as you go.  You can easily replace a standard camera with an HD camera as your budget or needs change.

All the Features You Expect and More

This DVR does everything you expect a DVR to do. View, recording, motion detection record, view over the internet, view on your phone, etc.  However, in addition to all of those typical DVR features you expect, you can also expect amazing quality recorded in crystal clear HD.

Motion Detection, Scheduled, or Continuous Recording

DVR can be set to record in a variety of ways. These methods include motion detection, schedule, and continuous recording.  The motion detection settings include our smart motion detection technology.  You can choose any number of cameras to record when a particular camera sees motion.  This ensures you can are able to get the video recorded that you want.

View From Your Computer, Mobile Phone, or Tablet

You can view your DVR from anywhere else in the world using your computer, mobile phone, or tablet.  A free app is available for download for phone or tablet viewing. It is viewed through your web browser when viewing using a computer.

Technical Specifications

System Main Processor Embedded Processor
Operating System Embedded LINUX

Analog Camera Input Four (4) Channels, BNC

Preview Ability¹
Channels 1 and 2: 5 M-N at 20 fps or 4 M-N, 1080p, 720p at 30 fps Other Channels: 4 M-N, 1080p, 720p at 30 fps
HDCVI 5 MP, 4 MP, 1080p at 30 fps, 720p at 60 fps, 720p at 30 fps
AHD 5 MP, 4 MP, 1080p at 30 fps, 720p at 30 fps
TVI 5 MP, 4 MP, 1080p at 30 fps, 720p at 30 fps
IP Camera Input 4 + 2

Input Four (4) Channels, RCA
Output One (1) Channel, RCA
Two-way Talk Reuse Audio In/Out, RCA

Compression Smart H.265+, H.265, Smart H.264+, H.264
Recording Resolution¹ 5 M-N (1296 x 1944), 4 M-N (1280 x 1440), 1080p, 1080N, 720p, 960H, D1, CIF

Record Rate¹ Main Stream • Channel 1: 5 M-N or 4 M-N at 20 fps • Channels 2 to 4 1080p at 15 fps 1080N, 720p, 960H, D1, CIF at 30 fps

Sub Stream D1 or CIF at 30 fps

Maximum Incoming Bandwidth 24 Mbps

Bit Rate 32 Kbps to 6144 Kbps per Channel
Record Mode Manual, Schedule (General, Continuous), MD (Video Detection: Motion Detection, Video Loss, Tampering), Alarm, Intel, Stop

Record Interval 1 to 60 minutes (default: 60 minutes), Pre-record: 1 s to 30 s, Post-record: 10 s to 300 s

Audio Compression AAC (first channel only), G.711A, G.711U, PCM

Audio Sample Rate 8 KHz, 16 bits per Channel

Audio Bit Rate 64 Kbps per Channel

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