2 Channel Vending Camera HD Package
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2 Channel Vending Camera HD Package

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HD 1080p 1 or 2 Camera System For Vending Machines

Vending machine camera surveillance systems are becoming more needed than ever. Owners of machines are losing money from theft and vandalism at an alarming rate. The DVR can be located inside or outside your machine. The included wires will allow you to locate the very small pinhole camera inside the machine so no one will steal it. 1 camera will consume approx. 2GB of storage per hour. Plan on 40 to 50 hours of recording with the included 128GB SD card. This means 2 full days of continuous recording before it begins to overwrite.

The system connects directly to the outlet behind your machine.  The system will record continuously once it is powered up.  Recordings are stored to an SD card, 128gb SD CARD INCLUDED inside of the DVR.  You could easily store 2 days of recordings on a 128GB SD card.  When full, it will simply overwrite the oldest recordings so you will always have the most recent recordings on your card. 

SSC-VMCAM-1AHD  1 camera system
SSC-VMCAM-2AHD   2 camera system

The main differences between our analog and HD systems are


Records Video and Audio 

This system is also audio capable. If the laws in your area do not allow audio recording, it can be very easily disabled by not connecting a microphone.  Using the included components, you can record both video and audio.  

The single camera package has 1 pinhole camera and the 2 camera package has 2 pinhole cameras. All needed wiring and power supplies are included.

The video format of the video clips are mkv. The best codec or player to use is the VLC player. It is a free download from videolan.org.

Added Security To Protect DVR 

The SD card slot can be locked with the included key to help prevent tampering with the SD card. This DVR can also be password protected if you choose to. MAKE SURE NOT TO LOSE YOUR PASSWORD.

Sample Storage Rates with 2 Cameras Recording 

1080p@25FPS---------5GB per hour
720p@5 FPS---------- 3GB per hour
D1 Analog@25 FPS----4.7GB per hour
D1 Analog@5 FPS---- 1.2GB per hour


> Max. 128GB full size SD card used
> Supports 1080P AHD camera only
> Highest Quality 1080P 1920X1080 video resolution
> 1080P, 720P, D1 video quality optional
> 25/15/5 record frame optional
> 9-35V wide power range
> IR remote controller used
> Security code used to enter into menu (optional)

Protect Yourself Legally 

Parents will do just about anything to protect their children.  Having video surveillance in school buses is one way you can help.  If there is ever an incident on a bus, you can offer an unbiased video account of whatever happened.

Complete vending machine 1 camera HD package, Includes 1 ea. 2 ch. DVR, 1 ea. SSC-156PHD pinhole camera, 1 ea. 64 gb SD card, 2 amp power supply, 1 ea. CA-10 10 ft  power video cable, 1 ea. 10 power cable, misc. fittings

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