24 VAC Power Supply MGT2440P
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24 VAC Power Supply MGT2440P

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AC Power Supplies for Surveillance Cameras and Other Devices

The AC power supply plugs into a normal, everyday, household, wall outlet. Normal household voltage is 110-120 volt AC. The AC power supply then transforms household voltage into either 24 Volts AC or  12 volts DC. 

A larger amperage regulated power supply is better than a low amperage power supply for your camera, as long as it is a regulated power supply.

Some CCTV surveillance products operate on 24 volts AC. Large items such as Pan Tilt Zoom cameras and large capacity infrared cameras, as well as many professional box cameras run on 24 VAC.

 This 24VAC-40VA power supply is large enough to power virtually any 24VAC camera including pan tilt zoom cameras.

  • Input: 120V 60Hz
  • Output: 24VAC ~ 40VA
  • Class II Power Supply
  • 3 Screw Terminal Output
  • Ground pin
  • MGT2440P Class 2 Transformer with LED Indicator

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