750 Line 10 Invisible LEDs Infrared Camera
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750 Line 10 Invisible LEDs Infrared Camera

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750 line Super High Resolution Color Weatherproof 950nm Invisible LED Infrared Camera

This very small camera can be used in many areas. It is used in many different animal studies at universities across the country.  This camera is completely invisible at night even with the LEDs on. Students use this invisible led camera to study ducks, owls, raptors, geese and many other animals sleep patterns and feeding patterns overnight and during the day.  High Resolution 750 line 10 LED Weatherproof camera. The maximum night distance is about 30 feet.  It is ideal when studying and recording habits and feeding of owls, ducks, raptors and many other species of animals. Not even an owl is able to see the infrared light of this camera. 

3.6mm Wide Angle Lense

The fixed lens on this camera provides a wide view. The view is about 5 foot wide at 4 foot distance, 10 foot wide viewing and 8 foot distance and so forth.

Incredible Night time And Low Light Infrared Viewing

The 950 nm LED is invisible to the human eye and also to most animals. Ducks Unlimited have purchased a number of invisible LED cameras from us for numerous wildlife studies. Chimney Swift Conservation Organization have purchased cameras from us to study Chimney Swifts to preserve the habitat and lifestyle. The University of Idaho have purchased invisible led cameras from us for use in their Wildlife Habitat Ecology in Rangeland Systems Program. They have been used for Avian Ecology.

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