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This is a full functioning AM-FM alarm clock desk radio clock with a flexible neck reading lamp. The camera is in the lamp so you can adjust viewing height. Ideal for home or office. No one will ever know there is a hidden camera in this product. A high quality ccd board camera is in this radio. Fits well for home or office application.

The Lamp Camera folds down into a pyramid shape when lamp is not in use. When using lamp the top part of the clock radio extends in an upwards position.

The Clock Radio Lamp Camera includes the following: Functioning Clock Radio Lamp with B/W or Color CCD Camera.  RCA cable for output to VCR or TV and A/C power supply.

The covert hidden camera advertised on this page is HARD-WIRED. That means it must be connected directly to your TV or VCR to view or record. There will have to be a video cable connected directly from the hidden camera all the way to your TV or VCR.

You may very well require longer video cable than we include. Click here for longer or  additional cables.  Or you can easily connect this camera to your computer by using one of our DVR cards.

If you are not looking for hard wired, we do also offer this in a wireless version if you don't want video cables running through you home or office.

You may also consider looking at our  self contained models that record directly to themselves and require no external hardware for recording. No wires, cables, transmitters or receivers.

Dimensions: 5” (W) x 5” (D) x 6” (H)
WC-Color 420 Lines, .5 LUX, 3.6mm Sony Super HAD CCD 1/3" CCD lens
WX- Low Lux B/W 420 Lines, .0003 LUX, 3.6mm Sony Super HAD CCD 1/3" CCD lens
W-B/W 420 Lines, .01 LUX, 3.6mm Sony Super HAD CCD 1/3" CCD lens

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