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Easily See and Hear Your Child From Another Room

Our wireless baby monitor lets you see and hear your child from another room. Color, low-light, wireless, and AC or rechargeable battery operated.  This system is fully portable.  Both the camera and the monitor can be moved around as you see fit. It easily transmits through walls, floors, or ceilings for up to 250 feet.

Fully Portable

The Wireless Baby Monitor comes with 2 pieces - the wireless camera portion and the monitor portion.  The camera goes by your baby.  The monitor goes by you.  Both of them have built-in rechargeable batteries for easy portability or they can be plugged in to a regular wall outlet for continuous power.  You can move either piece around as you need to.  If you're going to be in the kitchen, then bring the monitor into the kitchen.  If you're going to be outside, then bring the monitor outside.

Experience Peace of Mind About Your Child

Our baby monitor allows you to see exactly what your child is doing without actually having to be in the room watching.  You can see your baby and hear your baby from another room in the house or even outside.

Crystal-Clear Video and Audio

You will not get some blurry image and crackled audio.  You will get a sharp picture and clear audio.  You will be able to see what is going on with your baby. The system has multiple wireless channels to choose from so wireless interference is not a concern.

Works With The Lights On Or Off

The camera is a low-light camera.  It will see great whether the lights are on or off.

Package Includes

Wireless Color Camera with Microphone powered by AC or built-in rechargeable battery
Wireless Monitor with Speaker powered by AC or built-in rechargeable battery
Instruction manual

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