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HD Security Cameras Cost Less Than You Think

Many people are under the impression that HD security cameras are expensive or out of their price range.  They think that only rich people or huge corporations can afford to buy something like that.

The reality is much different.  The prices on HD security cameras have in fact come down - way down.  They often cost the same or even less than traditional analog cameras.  It is not unlike flat screen technology. At first the prices were high and it was considered a luxury.  Now, the prices have come down and continue to come down.

You might not think that you can afford HD cameras.  In fact, they often cost less than analog cameras in the big picture.  This is because they have a much high resolution, often 4-6 times the resolution of analog cameras. What this means to you, the consumer, is that what you needed 6 cameras for before, you might be able to do with 4 HD cameras.  Few cameras means less money spent.

And, we cannot overstate the quality of these cameras.  You might think analog cameras look good, and they do.  But they don't look anything like a 720p or 1080p HD security camera.  Once you have had an HD security camera, you won't ever want to go back.  To help illustrate the difference, we have created a video to see just how much better HD looks than analog.

We encourage you to view it full screen to really appreciate the quality difference.

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