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4 Reasons You Need HD Security Cameras

1. They have 6 times the resolution

Analog cameras have improved, but are still limited to 700 or perhaps 800 lines.  Making the jump to HD will give you 6x the resolution.  Everything is noticeably sharper and clearer. Facial recognition as well as license plate recognition are dramatically improved.

2. They cost less in the big picture than analog cameras

Because of the increased resolution, you can often use fewer cameras than if you had analog cameras. The cost per camera and DVR is slightly higher than analog, but you might need half as many cameras and get just as much coverage.  A 4 camera HD system would give you similar coverage to an 8 channel analog system.  And, a 4 channel HD system costs less than an 8 channel analog system.

3. Once you have had HD cameras you will not want analog cameras

It is similar to watching HD television.  Once you start watching HD stations, you never want to watch non HD stations.  We are all guilty of trying to find HD stations to watch first before watching a non HD station.

4. It helps lawyers and law enforcement prosecute criminals

When you give HD videos to law enforcement, they can see MUCH better than traditional cameras.  Those blurry grainy videos you see on the evening news are a thing of the past if you make the move to HD.  Give the cops quality video and they can do their job much better.

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