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Pen Hidden Spy Camera For Less Than 30 Dollars

If you are looking for body worn surveillance on a budget, then you should consider our hidden pen camera.

This normal looking, fully functioning, ink pen is a full DVR hidden camera.  Video and audio are recorded to the hidden memory and can easily be played back on your computer.  Unit has built-in rechargeable battery so is it fully self contained with nothing else to buy. This is complete with USB Cable, AC charger, and 4Gb of memory.

Right now we have a the DVR pen on sale for $29.85.  This is a great price and we only have so many of these, so get it while supplies last.

Go to the pen page by clicking here.

Note: We have 2 different versions of pens on that page. To get the one for $29.85 you will have to select it from the dropdown menu.

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