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Send Your Security Camera Video Wirelessly Using One Of Our Transmitters

For any number of reasons, sometimes it makes more sense to send your video wirelessly than it does to hard wire it.  When this is the case, we have a full line of wireless video transmitters.

Here is how it works.  You connect your camera to the transmitter and then plug it in for power.  Then, you connect the included wireless receiver to your TV or DVR to view/record the video.  We sell transmitters and receivers as a pair.  So when you order a transmitter you will get the receiver as well. After all, a transmitter needs a receiver so it only makes sense to sell them together.

We have both indoor and outdoor versions of wireless transmitters. The outdoor models are able to be outdoors and exposed to the elements whereas the indoor models cannot.

Learn more about our wireless video transmitters or see our full line by clicking here.

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