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HD IP Camera Has Great Picture and Even Better Price

Many say that IP cameras are the future.  I would say that they are not the future, but the present.

We have a great IP camera for around a hundred dollars that streams 720p true high definition video.  View it on your mobile phone or a web browser.  You won't believe the picture quality. It is fully weatherproof and can be placed anywhere indoors or out. The built-in infrared LEDs ensure that you will see whatever you're looking for - day or night.

You can find there camera here:

One of the best features of IP cameras is that they utilize your network cables (cat 5) that your home or business already has.  You are hard pressed to find an establishment that is not wired up for internet.  This uses those same cables to transmit the video over your network.

Take a look at our camera.  It is a great buy that can be used just about anywhere and for just about anything.

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