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Turn Any Camera Into A Wireless IP Camera with Our IP Video Server

You can turn any analog camera into a WIRELESS IP camera in seconds using our IP Video Server.

Simply connect your camera video jack to the IP video server.  Then, connect the server to your home or business network in a hard-wired or wireless fashion.  Once on your network you can view your camera using any computer connected to the internet.

Using the wireless functionality you can place the camera and IP video server anywhere within your wireless network.  You can stop worrying about obstructions, walls, floors, and ceilings. If your wifi network reaches you will get a good quality picture.

And, we just dropped the price on the IP video server to $159.65.  Take a look around and look for other wireless IP video encoders.  You will not find any.  This is an Advance Security exclusive.

To learn more or purchase yours today please visit the link below.

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