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Now Is The Time To Upgrade to HD Security Cameras

There has never been a better time to upgrade to HD security cameras.  Our new and improved line of HD DVRs allow you to use ANY camera with them.  They work with both standard cameras and HD-SDI high definition cameras. Pick and choose and mix and match the standard and HD cameras however you see fit.

Our HD DVRs Work With HD and Standard Cameras

In the past, an upgrade would require all new HD cameras and a new HD DVR.  Now, because the DVR works with both, you can upgrade to the HD DVR and then upgrade the cameras to HD cameras as your needs or budget allow. Because they work with both styles of cameras we call them a Hybrid DVR.

Full 1080p Security Video

Our HD cameras and DVRs use the HD-SDI format.  This is full 1080p (6 times the resolution of D1) high definition video that is sent over normal coax cable.  What this means to you is that the cable you already have for your cameras can also support the HD signal.  No new cabling. No complicated installation.

We have a 4 Channel, 8 Channel, and 16 channel HD DVR.  All of them are universal hybrid DVRs.  They can work with any combination of HD cameras and standard analog cameras.

We also have a full line of HD Security Cameras for use with these DVRs.

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