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St Louis Police Debate Wearing Body Cameras

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ST. LOUIS (KMOX) – Look for more debate at St. Louis City Hall this week on whether police should wear body cameras.

Among those pushing a $2.4 million plan to equip all officers with body cameras is Aldermanic President Lewis Reed.

“When they have body cameras, I think we have a better opportunity to get to the bottom of what happened,” he says. Reed also says he thinks they help police officers and those they are engaging with.

But others, like alderman Joe Vaccarro, say body cameras would raise privacy issues.

“Do you really want them filming your domestic dispute?” he asks.

Alderman Tom Villa says he would like to know if the cameras are more trouble than they’re worth before any money is spent.

The police union remains neutral for now, saying it hasn’t seen a formal proposal. The union insists police won’t wear any body cameras until the item is negotiated.

Body cameras in Ballwin

Ballwin alderman Shamed Dogan wants his city’s police officers wearing body cameras ASAP.

“I am really concerned about the fact that our officers may be called up to Ferguson, as they have been in the past, and if they encounter any kind of situation, then I want them to be able to have this recording technology,” he says.

But some of his fellow board members disagree.

They are concerned about the battery life, privacy policies, and when officers are supposed to hit “record.”

Dogan wants to sort through those concerns by buying a few cameras and experimenting with them during a pilot program.

Dogan tells KMOX News that he’ll call for a vote to do so at tonight’s meeting.

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