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High Definition Surveillance Cameras Save You Money

Our new line of high definition security cameras can save you money.  Here is how.

HD cameras have 6 times the resolution of traditional cameras.  This incredible clarity lets you have fewer cameras to accomplish the same level of surveillance. So even though the HD cameras and HD DVRs do cost more, the overall package will cost less.  You may very well be able to use a 4 camera package instead of an 8 camera package.

The HD cameras are able to record at 1920x1080.  This is also known as 1080p and you see this resolution commonly used on Blu Ray players and HD television equipment. Traditional cameras and DVRs can record at D1 which is 704x480.  You can see by the different in recorded pixels just how much better and clearer the high definition cameras will be.

Learn more about our HD High Definition Cameras by clicking here.

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