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4 Camera Package with DVR Solves Your Surveillance Needs

If know you need cameras but you aren't sure where to begin, then our 4 camera package with DVR is a great place to start.

This package comes with everything you need for surveillance, including:

  • 4 outdoor color infrared package
  • 4 100ft cables
  • 4 channel standalone DVR with motion detection recording and internet viewing

These products allow you great viewing and recording options.

The cameras see great during the day and during the night. They are color high resolution cameras during the day. During the night when it gets dark they will switch to black and white and the infrared will turn on.

The cameras can be place up to 100 ft away from the DVR in your central location using the included power video cables. Using these cables you do no need local power as the power is sent through the cable.

The DVR handles all of your viewing, recording, and playback.  DVR can be controlled using the included mouse, wireless remote, or your computer using the internet. You can view and playback locally using your TV or computer monitor or you can view it from anywhere else in the world over the internet.

Click the link below to learn more about our 4 camera package with DVR today.

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