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PTZ Cameras Let You Move and Control The Camera

If you need the ultimate in functionality, precision, and accuracy with your cameras, then you need a Pan Tilt Zoom Camera (PTZ Camera).

PTZ cameras are able to moved in every direction simply by using a joystick controller, DVR, or internet application. 

Cameras can:
  • Pan side to side
  • Tilt up and down
  • Zoom in and out

The model chosen will dictate how far it can zoom.  The zooming factor is one of the main distinctions is the differences in price. The higher the zoom, the higher the price. Get you pay more and you get more.

Some cameras have digital zoom in addition to optical zoom. Optical zoom physically moves the lense in the camera to provide a crystal clear image. The digital zoom (if equipped) digitally enlarges the picture even further.

We have several different PTZ cameras to cover all of your needs.  Pair up the camera with a PTZ joystick controller or DVR to control it and you are all set.

Click here to view the available PTZ cameras and joystick controllers.

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