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Surveillance Cameras in the Medical Industry

Surveillance Cameras in the Medical Industry


Health care is one of the most basic and important aspects of any society and an integral part of any culture or country.  Although it may appear different, its basic goals of prevention, treatment, and cure are universal everywhere.


Hospitals, clinics, doctor’s offices, and medical buildings are all locations with lots of people present.  Whether they are patients, visitors, or healthcare personnel, video surveillance is a valuable security tool.  Because of all the people present and the constant comings and goings at these facilities, they are often more susceptible to unpredictable and, often time, unfortunate events. 


Many of these buildings have hundreds of doors, some which require strict access control and monitoring.   Unlike human vigilance, and associated human error, surveillance cameras can record 24 hours/day, 7 days/week.  There have been numerous sad stories about babies being abducted,  patients being targeted while being hospitalized, or a deranged individual hurting other innocent people—all truly sad and unfortunate stories.  However, with the assistance of security and surveillance cameras, chances are good a terrible event can be prevented before it happens.


Below are some common benefits of surveillance/security cameras in your hospital, clinic, doctor’s office, or medical facility:


-  Increase in safety and security.  Due to all the commotion that takes place on a daily basis, a potential wrongdoer could easily enter and cause harm to innocent staff/patients.  Some patients are unsatisfied with the care and treatment they’ve received and sometimes become violent, hurting themselves or others.  Cameras can capture these incidents and even help to defend the facility if they are threatened to be sued for mistreatment.  As operators view live video footage, they can monitor unauthorized visitors and certain restricted areas.


-  Video footage can prevent dishonest claims and lawsuits.  There are hundreds to thousands of fraudulent health claims filed each year.  Visual evidence can disprove such allegations, saving facilities from unwarranted and unjustified claims.  Video footage can be burned to a CD or emailed anywhere; i.e., law enforcement authorities, attorneys, etc.


-   Cameras normally improve worker productivity.  Their mere presence often times improves communication and interaction between staff and patients alike.  If there ever is a dispute, there is a time and date stamped video offering clear, visual evidence. 


-   Security cameras offer invaluable evidence for investigations relating to criminal acts and other relevant events. 


-   Video footage can be viewed from remote locations.  Multiple cameras can be viewed on one computer monitor or mobile phone…anywhere in the world.



All video footage is time and date stamped, eliminating any doubt of when/where an incident occurred.  The cameras can operate efficiently in daylight or night (low-light) conditions.  They can be set to record in a variety of ways:  (1)  they can record only upon motion-activation---they will not record anything if there is no movement, (2)  they can be programmed to record only during specific, designated times determined by you, (3) they can record 24/7—new footage will replace the oldest so that you will always have the most recent available, or (4) a combination of all three.  The cameras are also mobile….should you desire, they can be removed and reinstalled in a different location.


We at Advance Security do whatever it takes to ensure our customers are happy with their purchase.  We answer the phone with a real live person that can help guide you through the process of purchasing the correct cameras to best suit your needs, installation, and operating/technical guidance.


Whether you operate a small clinic with only a few doctors or a large medical center with several buildings, security cameras positioned throughout your facility will protect your buildings, staff, patients, and visitors.


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