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Cameras in Dog Kennels

Cameras in Dog Kennels


Ever want to go on vacation and can’t take your dog with you?  Many times our pets are like our kids—we want to be sure they are happy and safe.  We would like to see how they’re doing when we’re not there.  When used correctly, surveillance cameras allow owners to have a fun diversion while they are away, and give them peace of mind, even while they’re on vacation.  To be able to log on and check on your pets while on vacation can make your trip so much more relaxing and enjoyable.


Dog kennels are a business that deals with the public trust.  Clients have to trust the facility to provide adequate food, exercise, water, and love to the pets during their absence.  By placing cameras strategically around the kennel areas, the dog kennel owners can provide their customers the ability to check on their pets on a computer monitor or a mobile phone…..from anywhere in the world.


Cameras can also be an excellent marketing tool. The cameras can record content 24 hours a day, which can easily set your business apart from the other competitors.  Some offer the service included in the boarding price, while others charge a small additional fee to be able to view their pets.  Some dog owners might never use the service, but are still reassured by the fact that the kennel is transparent and “has nothing to hide.”  This not only makes it more likely for repeat business, but also encourages additional clients by recommending/referring friends and family.


Additional benefits of cameras are being able to monitor staff performance, security, employee training, and emergency procedures.  Video footage is also used to resolve disputes, client complaints, important events, and daily operations and interactions.


Cameras are very cost-effective protection.  In the event of a tragedy, illness, or even death, the time and date stamped footage can be reviewed to help establish what really happened.  This is beneficial not only to the pet’s owners, but is also helpful for the vet to review prior to treatment. 


The video footage from multiple cameras can all be viewed on one computer monitor—from anywhere in the world.  The footage can also be viewed on a mobile phone, can be burned to a CD, or emailed to law enforcement authorities, attorneys, etc.   Using the technology in this manner should help the kennel defeat an unjustified legal action for negligence.  Many insurance companies offer reduced insurance rates to businesses that install security cameras.  There is no guarantee—but worth your time to check with your own insurance company.


All video footage is time and date stamped, eliminating any doubt of when/where an incident occurred.  The cameras can operate efficiently in daylight or night (low-light) conditions, inside or outside.  They can be set to record in a variety of ways:  (1)  they can record only upon motion-activation---they will not record anything if there is no movement, (2)  they can be programmed to record only during specific, designated times determined by you, (3) they can record 24/7—new footage will replace the oldest so that you will always have the most recent footage available, or (4) a combination of all three.  The cameras are also mobile….should you desire, they can be removed and reinstalled in a different location.


Clearly, there are many benefits security surveillance cameras can give not only to clients, but also to kennel owners….and ultimately, to the pet being boarded.

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