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Underwater Surveillance Cameras

Underwater Surveillance Cameras


The word “underwater” is usually not the first word that comes to mind when people think about surveillance cameras.  However, the meaning of “surveillance” (monitoring behavior and activities, observing from a distance) is very practical for underwater usage in many instances.


Cameras can be placed in very deep, remote areas in extreme conditions….locations too hazardous for humans….and they allow you to observe your target as if you were right there.  Camera technology allows marine life to be tracked, see their habitats, observe their feeding habits, and monitor their physiology.


Long-term monitoring is important for many reasons and is easy to accomplish with underwater cameras.  Improved observation capabilities are becoming more crucial because of the changing physical nature of the oceans and the abundance and diversity of life caused by fishing, habitat destruction, increasing temperatures, etc.  With adequate observations, it will be possible to progress from understanding and describing the nature of change, to prediction and mitigation.


Underwater cameras can provide clear pictures of what is going on under the water.  They have all the capabilities of regular security cameras, but are equipped to record clear video footage underwater.  Some of the mystery beneath the water or ice can be eliminated.  An underwater camera can be a wonderful tool to show you many things about your fishing techniques—and you won’t even get wet.


You will be able to see more fish, catch more fish, and have more fun.  You will be putting yourself in the natural environment with the fish. We offer a white led bullet camera that you’ll be able to identify different species and observe how they react to different bait.  When using a camera under ice, the ice angler can easily determine the location, size, and species of fish.  The surveillance cameras will also tell you whether the lake bottom is sand, gravel, rock, hard or soft…..knowledge that can ultimately help avoid future problems.


Marine life often hides, making it difficult to find your target out in the open.  The cameras allow you to seek your subject with resolution—and not startle it.  Underwater life demands respect and requires you to follow some basic rules, a code of ethics.  By using cameras, there is no need to touch living organisms, some of which die if touched by humans.


There are many different kinds of watersports that require varying levels of contact with water, and cameras can capture the best action.  Your diving experiences can be easily shared with family and friends, and also record the tropical fish and coral reefs underwater.  Underwater cameras are perfect for swimmers.  The camera can be placed in the pool to monitor practices, helping to improve swimming techniques and reinforce what needs to be maintained.  Young swimmers all enjoy the cameras—they like capturing their water games on video.


Cameras can also be used to perform underwater boat inspections.  The high-quality video footage can be obtained from any water area and assists in making repairs more efficient.


For outstanding safety, security, asset and facility management, the surveillance cameras put eyes exactly where you need them…..both above ground and below.

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