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Daycare Center Security

Daycare Center Security


There are few things in life as important as our children and, as a result, we take their safety very seriously.  With the unsteady economy, more and more families are seeing both parents going to work, necessitating the need to put their child in daycare.  And, one of the most important priorities in selecting a daycare center for your child is their safety.


Daycare centers should be a fun and positive environment.  To ensure they stay that way, many are choosing to install security surveillance cameras.  Parents want a sense of security that not only is their child being watched by a qualified facility, but that the entire environment of the daycare center is being monitored.  Following is a list of just some of the benefits provided by a video surveillance system:


a.       Protection of children and employees.  A security camera helps keep track of employees and children at all times.  Keeping unwanted visitors and intruders out is easy.


b.      Video footage allows staff to respond quickly if they see a child in any kind of danger (injury, wandering off, attempted abduction).    Also, old footage can be reviewed at any time to review past events that took place.


c.       Cameras can allow parents to log in remotely via an IP video server to check on their children, giving parents peace of mind.  This is especially beneficial if parents work far from the daycare center.  Parents would be able to view video footage from anywhere in the world.  This service might be provided free of charge by the daycare center, or it might be a possible way for the center to generate additional revenue by charging parents additional fees.  Parents would be provided a secure log in and password to ensure intruders would not be able to access.


d.      Marketing tool.  The enhanced security provided will give a great impression to potential customers.


e.       If a child is too young to speak, it’s a tool to monitor the quality of care he/she is receiving.


f.        Helps clear up misunderstandings over the events of the day; i.e., a child may say other children are bullying him/her, but the video footage might prove otherwise.


g.       Recorded video footage can be used as evidence.  If a crime is committed, whether it’s an accident, suspected child abuse, etc., the footage can be reviewed—no more hearsay accusations.


Security cameras can be installed inside and outside, keeping children safe at all times—both in the classroom and on the playground.  Outside installation also allows security for your entire building—the cameras can help keep your building safe from intruders, thieves, and vandals even when no one is there.  The cameras also add protection when employees have to walk out of the building, often times alone or after dark. They also allow daycare center managers to monitor their employees and their interaction with the children.  These recordings are normally kept on file, and if a question ever arises about any mistreatment, the cameras will not lie.


The cameras are weatherproof and can record in daylight or night/low-light conditions. You can program them in a variety of selections, whichever best suits your needs.  They can be programmed to (1) record only when motion activated, (2) record during specific times designated by you, (3) record 24/7, or (4) a combination of all three.  The cameras can also be removed and installed in a different location, if a greater need arises somewhere else.


Many daycare centers realize the need to keep up with the times when it comes to security.  The increase in crime rate and unfortunate cases of child abductions have alerted day cares to the necessary precautions which should be taken to protect our children.  By installing security cameras, not only will it attract new customers, but provide a safe and secure environment for the children and staff.

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