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Parking Lot and Garage Safety

Parking Lot/Garage Safety


Parking lots and garages come in many shapes and sizes.  Some are huge and have multiple floors, some are on street level, some are very small and have only a few parking spaces, while others are on one level and have a large number of spaces.


It is a general consensus that parking lots and garages rank very high in violent crimes.  Because parking facilities are more likely settings for crime, both violent and property, than all other real estate except residential, security is one of the most critical issues facing owners and operators of parking facilities today.  Because of dim lighting, stairwells, and elevators, parking garages make it especially inviting to prospective criminals, who find it easy to crouch and hide behind parked cars or trucks.  Also, parking facilities comprise a large area with relatively low levels of activity, increasing the risk of violent crimes. 


Because many parking facilities are either partially or fully enclosed and elevated above ground, much less natural surveillance is available.  Most lots and garages are also open to the general public, making an offender’s car practically impossible to be noticed or identified.


Many illegal activities can take place inside a parking garage in addition to vehicle theft.  Criminals often use the cover of vehicles or other obstructions to hide in the garage and wait for their victims.   In 1992, parking facilities represented the third most frequent place in which violet crimes occurred; i.e., robbery, assault, vandalism, kidnapping, and rape to name a few. A motion activated outdoor security light DVR hidden camera is one item that will go unnoticed inside or outside a parking garage.


Local government officials are also concerned about the security of parking lots and garages, some of which are city owned or operated—because parking affects the economic viability of a community.  Also, the level of protection you provide in your parking garage can have a direct impact on the growth of your business.


It can get very costly and time consuming to cover your parking garage with attendants and security guards.  It is also almost impossible to watch all areas of a parking lot in person—he or she can only be in one place at a time. 


Security cameras do not have the limitations that people do.  If they are properly installed, they can provide uncompromised access to every area of the parking complex in an effective, affordable, and reliable manner.  Surveillance cameras can keep track of everything that takes place and provide a permanent recording of the actions, enabling you to have powerful video evidence if there is ever a criminal situation in your parking facility.  Security cameras also provide the police and any other authorities with proof of criminal activity.


The cameras at Advance Security not only can monitor the parking garage 24/7 to catch criminal behavior, but also prevent it from happening.  The selection of appropriate security surveillance features depends on the vulnerability and likelihood of crime in the various locations within the facility.  Some members from the International Facility Management Association recommend installing security cameras with visual and audio capabilities and making their presence obvious.  Their belief is that criminals will be deterred if they know they’re on camera. 


Advance Security offers a variety of complete surveillance packages or individual cameras, DVRs, or accessories for your parking facility, at prices to fit your budget.  We offer high-resolution cameras, color cameras, black/white cameras, cameras that can record in low-light/dark conditions, cameras that can provide detailed definition—and much more.  Parking garages don’t have to be dangerous.  If you properly install security measures, such as video surveillance cameras, you can keep your parking area safe.  You’ll also install a sense of trust when you have your parking facility protected by monitored video surveillance.  Customers feel much safer in your location when they know they’re protected from the dangerous criminal element.


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