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Ways To Be Able To Stop Your Own Staff From Stealing

Merchandise gets sent to my shop every week. With the previous deliveries I was quite disappointed to find that products had gone missing before they are able to reach the racks. I could not blame my employees flat out without having evidence.

The important thing for me was to put an end to this. I made a decision that the best remedy would be to install a surveillance camera in the rear entrance of the store where the deliveries happened. The existence of such a camera would definitely deter my workers from stealing.

security cameras are for monitoring activity unobtrusively in virtually any spot. These are helpful for catching wrongdoers such as thieves in action. At the same time they are great for watching over your own business when you are elsewhere.

While shopping around I ran across a wired indoor/outdoor infrared IP camera that seemed suitable for the job. It can be hooked up straight to a DVR or a personal computer. It is equipped with setup and also viewing software which gives it the capacity to hold up to 16 cameras.

IP cameras send videos via a network with CAT5 cable or the Ethernet by utilizing an IP address. Seeing as they may be attached to a DVR computer or existing network the advantage of these kinds of spy cameras is that it isnt required to purchase extra equipment any longer hence decreasing your system cost.

Another benefit of theirs is that they could be connected to a network in order that all videos can be viewed real time or recorded at any place provided that theres access to the internet. An email notification can also be set up to be able to notify you whenever motion has taken place on-site.

infrared cameras give illumination that lets them record even if it is dark. Plus day/night cameras possess the ability to record in low light conditions which makes them ideal for both day and night use.

Waterproof cameras similar to this are ideal for use outside the house. By setting up a dependable type of surveillance camera outside my store I feel positive that my employees wont get the chance to steal from me any more.

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