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Making Use Of Monitoring Cameras In Order To Provide Protection To Your Own Business Against Delinquents

I own a flower shop which also features a garden for shrubs as well as flowering plants which other clients may be interested in. You will find several entryways to the garden and the shop although theres an entrance coming from the store going to the garden.

Recently I have found that a few of the younger shrubs have been trampled on and a few of the buds on the flowering plants are already picked. I thought quickly of obtaining several CCD cameras for keeping an eye on my own garden. I was knowledgeable about these types of spy cameras as I currently had several inside the shop.

Surveillance cameras are used to monitor people or a business even if you are not around. A CCD camera enables high-resolution video recording even during low light conditions.

I looked at different security cameras to find out which ones suited my needs. There was a day-night color camera which took colored videos when there was enough light around. Under low light conditions it would change to taking black-and-white video footage. It possessed high infrared illuminators for better video recording in the dark.

Next was a high resolution day-night color camera with wide angle lens meaning that it possessed a shorter range for video recording. Being a water-resistant camera it was perfect for use outdoors in any sort of weather. In addition it could offer 24-hour monitoring and capture high-resolution videos at 540 TV lines.

The one I purchased eventually was a low light outdoor bullet camera. It takes both colored and also black-and-white videos depending on the amount of light available. As a bullet camera it is inconspicuous and can even be installed in hard-to-reach spots.

It came in both wired as well as wireless camera variants. I chose the latter in order to stay clear of the hassle of having to hide any cables.

I love the lush greenery in my garden and want to keep it that way. No matter what my choice is I am assured that CCD cameras will be capable of taking good quality videos of individuals who are storming around the garden as well as destroying my very own plants.

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