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Bars and Nightclub surveillance

Bars and Nightclubs


Bars and nightclubs are two businesses most vulnerable to theft.  Bartender stealing is especially prevalent if you have a successful business with a popular bartender.  Daily theft and skimming would take a long time to notice, and even longer to recover damages.  You might also not notice free drinks being given to friends of the bartender and any stealing from the cash register.  Also, bars and nightclubs are susceptible to many unique risks.  A constantly revolving customer and employee base lends itself to high rates of theft. A miniature dome camera may fit very well into the scenery of a bar.


Also, many people agree that bars and nightclubs face many different cases of fights, theft, and disturbances.  Not all establishments are like that, but unfortunately, some people do things at bars and nightclubs that they would not generally do.  Many successful operators agree on three basic fundamentals to high profits:  (1) guard your money, (2) guard your inventory, and (3)  provide outstanding customer service. 


Video surveillance cameras have become a popular security tool in guarding money and inventory.  Security cameras are now an everyday occurrence and are easy to install and maintain, and are customizable, allowing you to create the security system that conforms exactly to your needs.  Some additional benefits include:


a.       Remotely watch your business from anywhere in the world.  Multiple camera locations can be viewed from one screen.

b.      Stop employee theft.

c.       Protect inventory so liquor and other items aren’t stolen by vendors or staff.

d.      Slash “freebies” given away by bartenders.

e.       Improve customer service by monitoring employee actions.

f.        Reduce risk of robbery---security cameras are effective crime deterrents.

g.       Staff correctly for all hours of the day—avoid unnecessary payroll expenses.

h.       Validate confrontations…inside and outside.

i.         Lower fights and violence—fights are sometimes common in crowded bars, especially during charged environments like sports games.  Security cameras help prevent fights, and if violence occurs, can identify the responsible parties.


In addition, it’s been proven that it’s also wise to place cameras outdoors.  Sometimes people leaving the establishment alone are very vulnerable and the cameras provide a sense of security.  Cameras also ensure the safety of staff members, not only from unwanted customers, but also from attempted robberies.


The video footage can be excellent protection if something happens to someone in your establishment and they need proof.  It also ensures the owners that they are not liable for hearsay incidences and erroneous accusations.


Camera packages can be totally customized to fit your exact needs.  The cameras can operate inside or outside, day or night lighting conditions---or in dim-lit areas common in bars and nightclubs.  You can program the recording to suit your desire:  (1)  record only when motion-activated, (2) record specific times designated by you, (3) record 24/7, or (4)  all of the above.  The cameras can also be removed and placed in a new location. 


By choosing the surveillance package right for you, you can oversee the entire establishment from one screen.  You can monitor everything from patron interaction on the dance floor, to sale activity behind the bar.  Protect your business with added security surveillance cameras can provide.

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