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Having Watchful Eyes Throughout Your Property

Having Watchful Eyes Throughout Your Property

I arrived home from work one day to find the front door wide open. I was really terrified and had simply no idea what to make of this. I contacted the cops immediately who came over to see that the coast was clear of intruders just before I went in. Oddly nothing seemed to have been taken from my house.

You could call me paranoid however honestly I wasnt going to take any chances. I may have been lucky that one particular occasion but something may get taken next time or I can get hurt. As a remedy I went and bought a 4 channel DVR complete system networkable.

The good thing about surveillance systems is that they come complete with everything that is required. I obtained one which included a standalone 4 channel DVR 2 day/night weatherproof dome cameras and also 2 day/night weatherproof bullet cameras plus cables power supplies and remote control.

I like buying things in bundles since these are tremendous money and time savers. There is no need for me to hassle myself with obtaining each and every unit by piece when I can get a whole set that consists of all I need.

Up to 4 wired cameras may be linked to this standalone 4-channel DVR in order that any activity can be recorded digitally. As the DVR is fully network-able it allows me watch live videos from anyplace with Internet access.

day/night cameras give clear recordings even when it is dark. The truth that they are also weatherproof cameras lets me to set up them not just inside but outdoors also covering a lot more ground.

These dome cameras feature protective casings that are resistant to deterioration. Additionally bullet cameras are small in size so it is significantly simpler to transport and position them in hard-to-reach spots.

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