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Surveillance Tips While On The Move

I am no spy but only last week I turned to utilizing a pair of spy sunglasses in the line of duty. There is no primary connection between detective work along with teaching however the reality is I have tapped into my inner sleuth in my work as a teacher a few times.

I am a high school professor in a less-than-savory section of Miami. Three years has made me recognize that occasionally my obligation being a guide and educator goes past the walls of the school.

Last week among the top students within my class began missing classes. The closed-mouth response that I obtained from his classmates every time I asked about him only increased my worry.

When I caught a glimpse of this pupil speaking with one of the neighborhood thugs once I brought out my own trusty hidden camera sunglasses with DVR at once. I also wear my most nondescript attire. I had decided to do a little snooping.

The portable surveillance ability provided by the sunglasses definitely came in handy throughout that weekend when I followed the kid around. Without getting made I tried to take enough video footage of the crowd he associated with.

A security camera with built-in DVR is always prepared to record video. Mines built-in 4GB memory as well as around 2-hour-long battery life was good enough for 2 days of monitoring on the move.

Making use of the USB cable that was included with the surreptitious eye wear I transferred the recorded videos into my very own laptop computer. This allowed for a much more careful study of the people with whom my pupil was hanging out.

From the video footage obtained using the spy sunglasses my police officer pal and I were able to recognize the gang which my very own student was regularly in contact with. It appeared that he had wanted to get on their side to incite revenge on yet another gang which had harmed his little brother. I had a lengthy talk with my pupil and persuaded him ultimately that involving the police instead of a lawless gang would be best.

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