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Most Reliable Partner In Solving Crimes

As a detective for the SFPD I am constantly on the road. I meet up with many individuals and do a lot of talking and also investigating. I have realized that a lot of the men and women I need to speak with are cautious about speaking with a detective while within their home. They are also a bit reluctant to divulge details thinking that the conversation is being taped.

I talked with my boss regarding this issue and requested instead for a car camera for my own vehicle. With my very good record he authorized my request immediately.

A car dash camera is great for vehicle surveillance evidence collection photography and stakeouts.

I ordered a mini DVR high definition automobile dash camera and positioned it on my own automobiles dashboard. It captures both good quality audio as well as video which can be looked over from the camera itself via its 2-inch LCD monitor or when you hook up the device to a computer.

Considering that this one came with an SD memory card you could capture videos for hours. It is also an ideal companion for smokers because it includes a cigarette lighter charger.

My most recent case involved marriage drama. The hubby was having an affair with his business partners wife. His wife that was also cheating with her masseuse caught them in the act and soon filed for divorce. With no prenuptial contract she was certain to get millions worth in assets. But in under a month after filing for the dissolution of her marriage she was found lifeless in her destroyed automobile off a cliff.

All evidence pointed to the hubby as well as his lover however with lengthy footage from nightly stakeouts and occasional questioning I was aware there was much more to it than having to pay alimony and also hitting a divorce settlement. The spy camera on my dashboard captured some incriminating evidence of the dead womans lover returning to the cliff where she passed away seemingly searching for something.

The case wraps up tomorrow. The video footage captured by my car camera is going to be presented as proof and I hope that it speaks for itself. Its really nice to have for so many reasons like even if I get into an accident because it will record that as well. All the footage is time date stamped so there is no question as to the exact minute of the events.

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