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Recommendations In Protecting Your Own Business

At my store we employ a conventional CCTV camera system to monitor the storefront as well as back rooms. However I arrived at work one day to find that I had been burglarized and my camera system was disabled in order that no videos of the crime was taped.

Given that the thieves were savvy enough to have disabled our aging CCTV system I decided to replace it with something far more discreet. So I talked to our dealer and he helped me get a hidden camera wall clock.

Home or business owners use surveillance cameras to watch over family or their business while they are away. Since these are masked as ordinary-looking household objects that blend with the environment no one is aware that theyre being monitored.

I had purchased a wall clock hidden camera with built-in DVR. It is literally a functioning wall clock with a camera concealed inside. Recording equipment is built-in so absolutely no installation besides hanging it on the wall is necessary.

My wall clock hidden camera saves its footage internally on an SD card. I could then connect the camera to a TV to see the footage with the bundled RCA cable or I could insert the SD card into my PC card reader and download and view the videos there.

Today a single camera alone wont cover my whole store. Thus I also purchased an exit sign hidden camera and a desk lamp hidden camera and positioned them so that they covered my office and the stores back door.

Each of my hidden cameras is motion-activated thus it wont record any footage right up until it detects activity. This saves me the trouble of having to save and fast-forward through hours of idle footage and saves space on the SD card.

Since purchasing the hidden camera wall clock I have replaced my CCTV system with other hidden cameras to watch over my store. I am confident that these will enable me to catch any future thieves that break in.

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