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Use Of Monitoring Cameras To Be Able To Take Care Of Unruly Customers

One of the problems which I have as a restaurant manager is exactly what to do with rowdy clients. Occasionally they are nice enough to simply shout as well as scream with regards to bad service or to demand refunds and other times they would get violent and damage store property.

This would have been terrible enough by itself but as soon as it came the moment to file criminal charges we would always get tripped up on the lack of evidence. I made a decision to solve that dilemma by investing in wireless network camera gadgets.

To be able to make things uncomplicated I purchased an 8 channel wireless DVR complete system which included everything essential in order to start recording video footage. It came with wireless cameras plus receivers an embedded DVR as well as wire to connect everything up.

This spared me the effort of needing to track down and purchase the parts one by one. The DVR utilized was a stand-alone DVR that had all the software capabilities embedded into the system itself and did not need a computer to function.

The DVR setup included a total of 8 wireless bullet cameras and also matching receivers that could change to black and white recording in low light conditions. Considering that they were bullet cameras they were tiny and could quickly be set up into tight places.

Our major worry was the main dining hall itself. When we set up the monitoring cameras we made sure that the field of vision for each of them overlapped each other so as to reduce the size of the blind spots.

We just required several security cameras to cover the whole dining hall so we set up the others in locations like the kitchen entrance doors exits and the offices in the back. That way we had covered just about the entire establishment.

In this particular point in time a wireless network camera system is a necessity for virtually any business. The video footage that we record is kept and archived and now each time we need to handle rowdy customers we will have the footage which we need.

Another great feature of the standalone dvr is we can view recorded footage from home.

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