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Making Improvements To The Monitoring Capability Of Our Own Storage Place

I am employed as the warehouse manager of a small importing company. When the bigwigs at my company made a decision that they wanted to stock up on several of the items that we import I knew right away that the monitoring system security gadgets utilized in our storehouse would require an upgrade.

I told the higher-ups that the present surveillance cameras we were using just wouldnt do the job. Our warehouse used to keep tapes labels boxes and other packaging supplies but today my superiors were trying to secure large numbers of more high-priced merchandise.

Hoping to convince them even more I introduced a networkable deluxe 4 channel DVR complete system which I found on the internet. The complete surveillance package has a standalone 4 channel DVR two day/night weather resistant dome cameras video wires a remote control two day/night weatherproof bullet cameras and also power supplies.

All the included cameras are day/night cameras for which illumination 24/7 should be no big issue. These possess a built-in infrared light source which assures clear recording not only in daytime when ample light from the environs can be had but also with very little ambient light such as at night.

Dome cameras are really popular sorts of security cameras used mostly because of their tamper-proof layout as well as protective housing. The dome cameras that I located have an adjustable lens and focus. This means I do not have to waste good camera footage looking at a wall or highway. I can narrow the viewing area to exactly what I want and also have it precisely focused exactly at the distance I want. As such the two weatherproof dome cameras included in the setup would certainly be fit for keeping an eye on things outside.

Bullet cameras on the other hand is going to be perfect for use within thanks to their miniature design. It would be simple to secretly install these palm-sized covert cameras.

Full networking functionality for the DVR implies that real time video footage and also recordings from the spy cameras can be viewed and managed from anyplace via an Internet connection. So I could even monitor the warehouse from my personal computer in the house.

Completely content with my explanation the management authorized the upgrade of our surveillance camera system security measures. I had our overall surveillance system set up without a hitch.

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