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Keeping Tabs On Your Little One While At Work

As a single working mother I was required to employ a babysitter to help keep an eye on my kid while I would be at the office. There were times when I would have to go on business trips causing me to be out for days.

Much like every parent I did not feel confident with regards to leaving my baby with someone else. My manager recommended that I install a wireless IP camera to ensure that I could keep tabs on my baby even if I am not around.

monitoring cameras as I discovered are ideal for unobtrusively monitoring occurrences in any place. By doing this I could make sure that my baby is safe and the nanny is not doing something that she shouldnt. Typically security cameras are disguised as normal-looking household items to be able to keep their cover.

I came across a Wi-Fi alarm clock radio covert camera with 2-way talk back audio that would fit well inside my childs room. Its also a fully working Wi-Fi alarm clock radio that the babysitter can actually make use of.

Wi-Fi hidden cameras provide the most current in Wi-Fi transmitting technology. These have the ability to transmit video recordings via an active Internet connection for remote viewing or recording in any place in the world where there is Internet access.

Also these types of IP cameras are very useful because they can send and receive data through a computer network and Internet connection. Basically I can see live or recorded videos on the internet. This way even when I am on a trip for work I could easily look at how my baby is doing.

I was really sure that my babysitter wouldnt suspect a thing with this Wi-Fi alarm clock hidden camera. It looks extremely common and the fact that it functions as a radio will allow her to play music while putting my baby to sleep.

With a wireless IP camera in the house I feel more confident regarding leaving my child with the baby sitter. I will know exactly what is happening constantly even if I am away.

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