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Very Best Method Of Catching School Vandals

Being a principal at a public high school has its good and bad. I may delight in dealing with young children every day but people who cause trouble can be quite a handful. Recently students have taken to vandalizing the building exterior. I had to put an end to these acts.

It looked clear that the defacements happened during the night when no authorities were still within the school grounds. I had a day night camera with 56 infrared LEDs installed to find out once and for all who were participating in spraying graffiti on the walls.

After stumbling on this security camera on the internet I figured that it will be completely suited to use outdoors. It is a tamperproof as well as weatherproof camera which could withstand outside elements making it long lasting and able to last for the long term.

This outdoor camera is particularly perfect for low-light settings. Built with 56 infrared LEDs it can record motion even when the surroundings are pitch-black. Assuming that vandalism is being done on school premises in the evening everything will be captured on video.

While I was searching for surveillance cameras I looked into wired cameras that offer the benefit of a constant power supply. These could be plugged easily into an electrical outlet and will continue to record as long as you want.

wireless cameras were also available for sale. They have the advantage of not having any cables or wires to plug in. Rather many are run by 8-hour rechargeable battery packs. These kinds are transportable and easy to mount in hard-to-reach areas.

I selected a professional camera that can see for approximately 60 feet in the dark. In addition I didnt need to bother about making extra acquisitions since mine included all the battery packs and power supplies required for the device to work.

With a day night camera with 56 infrared LEDs installed outside the school building I feel certain that we will find the vandals. Besides the existence of security cameras should already scare the students off carrying out any more wrongdoing.

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