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The Simple And Easy Means Of Carrying Out Surveillance On Your Business

As soon as I first began my own business I wanted so badly to reduce expenses. However I knew there were things that needed to be spent for to ensure that my operation would run smoothly.

For better security I began looking into hidden security camera systems on the internet. During my search I discovered how helpful these were for keeping track of activity night and day. As my partner already had surveillance cameras available we just had to buy the right recording device to complete our surveillance system.

What is especially interesting regarding an embedded DVR is that it can operate without a computer. The hard drive has no software program because all its functions are embedded on its very own software. The setup as well as operation is simple because it works much like a VCR.

I went ahead and obtained a 4 channel embedded DVR to connect our cameras to. In a small office such as ours four spy cameras should be enough in order to keep track of movement. Videos can be viewed live.

A DVR like this can change analog video to digital and will keep the recordings on a hard disk drive. With them stored in a disk drive I will be able to obtain the recorded videos immediately without having to rewind or fast-forward. All digital recordings can be cataloged by date time or event for prompt viewing.

The DVR features H.264 video compression as well as network streaming. What this basically means is that I can stream videos live via the Net. In addition with remote monitoring I can watch the videos away from the actual location of the cameras like in my bedroom.

Another interesting aspect of the 4 channel embedded DVR that I have is it works with smart phones just like iPhone Blackberry and Android. So I could keep track of occurrences while I am on the go.

The use of hidden security camera systems in businesses should never be neglected. After all part of achieving success is being aware always of what is happening inside your company.

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