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How I Protect My Household From Strangers

A break-in which happened in my neighborhood in the suburbs of Virginia made me re-assess the security features of my home. Upon realizing that I had to add another level of protection to guarantee the security of my loved ones, I bought a night vision hidden camera to be placed on the front porch.

The spy camera that I obtained to monitor the front yard was masked as a completely working spotlight. Its motion sensor could activate both the light and the recording. I chose this instead of a traditional-looking camera to ensure that burglars and also nosy people wouldn’t know that they’re being watched.

Besides being undetectable, this wireless camera was simple to set up and use. It made the hassle of cords and difficult instructions a thing of the past since the DVR is built in.

Since my large spot light hidden camera with DVR can record decent video even at night, I am certain that it can capture on film any burglar that attempts to sneak in. That by itself will be strong evidence to help put the culprit in jail.

When it detects motion, the motion-activated camera automatically turns on the light and starts recording. To view the footage, I just have to take out the provided SD card and insert it into a computer. Hooking up the camera to a TV utilizing an RCA cable is one other way.

I put another spotlight hidden camera near the backdoor in order that I can monitor the activities in the garden. I put it in a high and angled location to get a larger perspective.

Thankfully, no burglars have come to try and steal from my household. The sole thing that the large spotlight hidden camera has captured to date was the gardener neglecting his responsibilities to mow the lawn and water the plants.

Now that I have security cameras mounted outside the house, I am planning on buying another night vision hidden camera that I can put inside the house to spy on the nanny.

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