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Storage Facilities

Storage Facilities


If you have more possessions than room, or if you’re moving and need a temporary place to store your belongings, a rented storage unit can often times be the convenient solution. 


One of the main considerations when choosing a storage facility is security.  Take the extra effort necessary to investigate the security options available at the available storage facilities before making a decision.


One of the most fool-proof security methods is security cameras.  Most places have a manager, fence, maybe even some type of alarm system, but installing security cameras offer added protection and can give peace of mind for both the individuals renting the space and the business owners as well.


While cameras don’t prevent crimes, they are a deterrent and can assist law enforcement in the event that anything does happen.  Most businesses, big and small, use surveillance cameras to limit their liabilities.  The video footage recorded by the security cameras is recorded to a digital video recorder (DVR) is all time and date stamped, and the footage from multiple cameras can all be viewed on the same screen—from anywhere in the world.  The footage can also be viewed on a mobile phone and can be burned to a CD or emailed to appropriate law enforcement authorities, attorneys, etc.


Security cameras have also been proven to increase business---renters will be more apt and willing to use facilities that offer the most secure conditions.  Often times, facilities with security cameras also receive lower insurance rates---this is not a guarantee, but it’s worth checking with your insurance company.


How many cameras to install, is your choice.  Many facilities locate them at the entrance and exit and other areas around the facility.  The number of cameras and type will vary, based on the design of the facility. Normally professional box cameras are used in storage facilities and motels.


The cameras are rugged and weatherproof, and can be operated in daylight or night (low-light) conditions.  There are also several choices, determined by the user, of recording options.  They can be set to (1) record only upon motion activation—if there is no movement, there will be no recording, (2) they can be programmed to record for specific, designated times, (3) they can be set to record 24/7---old footage will be replaced with new footage, or (4), a combination of all three.  The cameras are also mobile and can be removed and installed in new locations as appropriate.


Your safety, as well as the contents in your storage unit, is very important—and security cameras on the premises of your storage facility provide that extra layer of security.

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