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Amusement Park Safety

Amusement Park Safety


The top priority of any amusement park in the world is to create a safe and secure environment where families can feel comfortable.  That’s why most parks everywhere use security cameras all over different areas of the park…and outside the park.  They utilize cameras to monitor the parking lots, entrances, rides, shops, food courts, and souvenir shops.  Both visitors and staff reap the benefits of modern surveillance systems.


One of the main reasons to have cameras installed at the entrances is because of the increased possibility of children getting lost in the concentrated amount of people and even the risk of child abduction.  Usually just having visible cameras is sufficient enough to repel potential kidnappers.  Also, the video footage can be monitored to determine if anyone who enters looks suspicious or is carrying anything that looks questionable.


Cameras will also help prevent property theft, such as purses, personal cameras, etc. in the theme park’s shops, food courts, or from inside parked cars.  This kind of security allows visitors to enjoy the numerous attractions without worrying about their safety and security.  In addition to park security, amusement parks often experience significant financial benefits to surveillance systems.  When visitors attempt to pass on their annual tickets to friends and relatives, the suspicions of vigilant employees can either be confirmed or dismissed because every transaction is on the video footage.


Camera applications can also be used for visitor traffic monitoring and people counting.  Park management can visualize visitor traffic patterns to determine which attractions are most popular and if there are any bottlenecks in the flow of visitors.  This can assist with fire safety evacuation routes.  People counting is used to determine that the max number of visitors is not exceeded for safety code reasons.  It also helps with which attractions are used more and less and the peak times for visitors.  Park management can use this information in making decisions such as human resource planning.


Surveillance systems are commonly used for major attractions and rides, ensuring all riders are safely seated before the ride begins and remain seated during the ride.  The video footage is extremely beneficial in deterring tampering with rides and equipment.  Cameras also deter graffiti and vandalism, and if any occur, the footage is available so offenders can be prosecuted.  The video footage can also be used to capture any accidents, injuries, negligence, and recklessness.  This will protect patrons, security personnel, and management.


All video footage is time and date stamped, eliminating any doubt as to when/where an incident occurred.  Video footage from multiple cameras can all be viewed on one computer monitor—from anywhere in the world.  The footage can also be viewed on a mobile phone, can be burned to a CD, or emailed to law enforcement authorities, attorneys, etc., should any criminal event, accident, or injury take place.


The cameras can operate efficiently in daylight or night (low-light) conditions.  They can be set to record in a variety of ways:  (1)  they can record only upon motion-activation---they will not record anything if there is no movement, (2)  they can be programmed to record only during specific, designated times determined by you, (3) they can record 24/7—new footage will replace the oldest so that you will always have the most recent footage available, or (4) a combination of all three.  The cameras are also mobile….should you desire, they can be removed and reinstalled in a different location.


We do what it takes to ensure our customers are happy with their purchase.  We answer the phone with a real live person that will help guide you through the process. Wey will assist you in choosing the correct cameras to best suit your needs, answer installation questions, and provide operating/technical guidance.


Surveillance systems are also available for small, temporary carnival sites as well as large, state-of-the-art theme parks.  Modern video security systems have become an indispensable tool for amusement parks of all sizes.





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