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Car Dealerships

Car Dealerships


With the increase of incidents of theft and vandalism, no car dealership should be without a security camera system.  Cars are one of the most expensive items a person buys in their lifetime, and car dealerships are full of them.  Vehicles can vary in price from a few thousand to a few hundred thousand dollars.  A large majority of inventory is located out in parking lots—leaving millions of dollars worth of inventories exposed to theft and harmful weather.  No small wonder then, that surveillance security cameras in car dealerships are so important. 


Most dealerships have been using some sort of security cameras for years.  Many still have the original system, and some have no recording device at all.  A good system allows you to watch employees as well as customers, and also serves as an excellent deterrent for would-be criminals.


One of the main reasons for high resolution cameras is to prevent damage occurrences to inventory.  Cameras will prevent any stealing or damage caused by vandals, thieves, or visitors.  The cameras can record video footage in both daylight and night/low-light conditions, allowing footage to be recorded overnight, in the dark, when no one is present.  They can also record through the reflection of the plate-glass window and shiny floors.  The cameras are weatherproof and can withstand the elements of nature.


Additionally, in the event of a crime, the video footage provides information and evidence that can lead to arrests and prosecution.  The recordings can be viewed in real time or previous events can be played back and viewed from anywhere in the world.


Another benefit of cameras is to analyze which cars customers look at and which they decide to purchase.  This can be valuable information for marketing, inventory, and sales staff and, ultimately, promotes sales.  The information is also used to assist and help in setting up showrooms accordingly.  Physical presence of sales people is not feasible or usually desired—let the security cameras keep an eye on the visitors.


Security cameras can also help with any security issues that might arise throughout the day.  Cameras allow staff to be more flexible in their duties, and not focus solely on maintaining a secure environment.


A future technological possibility of video surveillance can be realized by utilizing IP cameras.  An integrated security system has a multitude of possible functions, including an ID card timekeeping system for tracking employees.


Multiple cameras can be viewed on one screen, at one location, from anywhere in the world.  Cameras are also mobile—they can be removed from one location and installed in a new location.  They also offer lower costs and convenience.  A car dealership is usually a large place, so having a surveillance system that is completely wireless can be a huge advantage…..no miles and miles of wire.


Cameras can record video footage in a variety of ways – you can choose whatever best suits your need.  They can be programmed to (1) record only on motion activation, which means there will be no recording when there is no activity, (2) they can be programmed to record designated, specific times, (3) they can record 24/7, or (4) they can be set to record a combination of all three choices.


There are many reasons why car dealerships can benefit from a surveillance security system.  Choose the system that best fits your need—safeguarding your investment is only one.


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