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Security Cameras Catch Fake Cop at ATM

LOUISVILLE, KY (WAVE) - New surveillance photos are giving police hope of catching a man who's pretending to be "one of their own".

WAVE 3 News first told you last week a man posing as a cop pulled over a woman in the Highlands and stole money from her.

The crime had neighbors worried and police searching for the fake cop.

With some new photos just released, they're hoping you can help get him off the streets.

It's a first for many neighbors in the Highlands---a fake cop working their streets and stealing money.

Longtime Cherokee Triangle resident and PVA Tony Lindauer is relieved bank surveillance cameras put a face with the crime.

"We will certainly get this picture out," Lindauer said.

Cameras at an ATM on Bardstown Road captured the man taking out $400 shortly after his successful bogus traffic stop.

The victim's description was dead on. "She described a white male with glasses, kind of heavy set at 5'8 to 5'10 and when we pulled the surveillance photo that's what we found," said LMPD 5th Division Detective Brian Walker.

As we first reported, the woman told police she was on her way home January 7 when she was pulled over in the 2500 block of Glenmary Avenue near Grinstead Drive.

She said she saw flashing lights in a white four-door sedan behind her. She told police, the man pretending to be a cop asked for license and registration and another form of identification like a debit card.

She told police, he went back to his car, told her he ran the card and that there was a problem with it. He then told her he needed to confiscate it.

A short time later, police say the man showed up in a hooded jacket at a local ATM taking out as much cash as her account would allow.

Detective Walker says it's important they find him soon.

He told us, "I would say he would try it again because if he got away with it this time and was able to obtain money from the ATM, he'd probably try it again."

Neighbors hope to keep that from happening by e-mailing the photos to residents.

Lindauer said, "To have somebody out there pretending to be a police officer, it just reminds us that we have to be very cautious."

If you're concerned about an officer in an unmarked car police say you can always ask to see the officers identification and even ask for a marked police car to come to the scene.

If you recognize the man in the surveillance photos call the police tip line at 574-LMPD.

Source: Wave 3

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