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Park Wants to Add Security Cameras to Curb Vandalism

WESTVILLE — Village officials said Tuesday they were exploring the idea of adding security cameras to Zamberletti Park as a way to combat the chronic vandalism there.

Westville Village Board member Darren VanDuyn said a $200 tire swing was damaged so badly in the past week that it will have to be replaced. He said most of the vandalism seems to occur to the playground equipment in the park, although the restroom facilities are damaged from time to time.

VanDuyn said  the cameras may allow police to identify and prosecute vandals, but that he hoped the presence of the cameras would discourage the damaging acts.

In other business, the board voted to have Bennett Construction of Westville replace a leaking portion of the roof of the senior center for $7,500. Board member Bill Cottrell said the portion of the roof over the northwest quarter of the building has been leaking for months, and that the repair work is badly needed.

The board is seeking to hire an office worker for the gas and water department who can work as needed.

Cottrell said there are two workers in the office, but when one of them is out, the office has to close during lunch. The village clerk and another part-time as-needed employee — who recently died — have been able to cover the office in the past, but Cottrell said he would like to have someone new who will also be trained and ready.

The board entered into an agreement with the Westville Fire Protection District that will put an automated external defibrillator in one police squad car and another in the concession stand in Zamberletti Park.

The fire department recently received seven AED units through a Federal Emergency Management Agency grant. There is now one unit in each of the fire department's five vehicles, and the department is sharing the remaining two units with the village, as long as the village replaces the batteries, maintains the units, and purchases a storage case for the unit in the park.

Source: New Gazette

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