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Cameras Catch Man Posing As Student At High School

Police said a man has posed as a student at a school in Wyandotte and Melvindale, and that they fear he will strike again.

Surveillance cameras at Melvindale High School and Wyandotte's Roosevelt High School show a man posing as a student so he can gain access to valuables such as cash and electronics, police said.

"Like he's blending right in," said Wyandotte Police Detective Dave Taft. "He is dressing like a normal student would, and he is very casual as he's walking through the school."

Taft said the man was avoiding contact with students and faculty until one teacher confronted him at Roosevelt High School.

"She confronted him, asked him what he was doing, and he said he was looking for paper," Taft said. "She gave him some paper and he left. She had no idea."

Taft said that teacher later noticed her purse was missing and that someone tried to use her credit card at a gas station in Detroit.

Wyandotte schools said security will be boosted.

Police said they are still searching for the man in the surveillance videos, and they expect he will try his scheme at another school.

Source: ClickOnDetroit

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