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Man Caught On Camera Stealing Car

PORTLAND, Ore. -- Portland police are trying to figure out who is responsible for stealing a family’s car twice in less than one month.

Selmir Masic says his Toyota Camry was stolen a few weeks ago. That prompted he and his wife, Crystal, to install four security cameras around their house in southeast Portland.

“We just wanted to see who was doing it so we could catch them,” Selmir says.

The couple says officers found the car abandoned along northeast 122nd Avenue. Selmir says the family felt lucky to get their car back.

“It’s an old car, but it’s a good car,” Selmir says.

But on Saturday, the couple says they felt like they were reliving a similar nightmare.

“It took him 30 seconds, he had a flash light and put it in his mouth and maybe he had a Toyota key or a screwdriver and just took it from there,” Crystal says. “Exactly 30 seconds."

The Toyota that was parked on the street was stolen for a second time, Selmir says.

Crystal says she thinks the person who stole the vehicle Saturday is likely the same person who stole it the first time.

The couple says their surveillance video paid off. They were able to capture the man stealing the car.

Now they need help identifying the man, Crystal says.

On Sunday, Crystal says the family was driving around northeast Portland and found the car.

“I said, make a U-turn, that's our car,” Crystal says.

She says she found some belongings that the thief may have left behind. Crystal and Selmir turned the video and evidence they found over to police.

Police say they will review the video.

Anyone with information is urged to call police at 503-823-4800.

Source: KPTV

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