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Exit Sign DVR Hidden Camera

We are offering a new product.  Introducing our Exit Sign DVR Hidden Camera.

This product combines the security and safety of a self contained hidden camera with the easy hiding of an exit sign.

The exit sign is fully functional. It lights up and wires in for power exactly how a normal exit sign would.  It easily replaces an existing exit sign.  Once wired in, it will record on motion detection.  You can fit hundreds of hours of recording on a MicroSD card hidden inside of it.

The unit is equipped with an overwrite feature.  This means that when the memory is full, it will begin recording over the oldest footage on the SD card. This system gives you the largest amount of the most recent footage available and means that you don't have to download footage or clear the memory card.  All you need to do is playback footage whenever something happens.

Learn more about our exit sign DVR by clicking the link below.

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