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NYC Putting More Cameras in Subways

Get your beauty rest before taking a subway in Times Square, Penn Station and Grand Central subway stations because now you’re going to be on camera. Yesterday 500 new surveillance cameras were activated in the stations and 500 more are soon to go up.

Mayor Bloomberg, in partnership with MTA Chairman Walder and Police Commissioner Kelly, unveiled the new security cameras, stating in a press release, “Access to these cameras is a big step in providing the NYPD with the tools it needs to keep transit riders safe – something we urged during the mayoral election campaign last year.”

The technology provides the NYPD with the ability to analyze real-time video footages to find specific items. "If we're looking for a person in a red jacket, we can call up all the red jackets filmed in the last 30 days," explained Kelly. "We're beginning to use software that can identify suspicious objects or behaviors."

Eventually, this “Ring of Steel” network will be expanded to account for 3,000 cameras throughout New York, and by next year every station will have functioning cameras.

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