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Outdoor Camera Recorder

If you are needing some outdoor surveillance cameras or some outdoor camera recorders, then you should consider Advance Security.

We have several different outdoor camera recorders.  We have some that are battery operated and some that must plug in for power.

One of our most common outdoor camera recorders is the SSC-771C3.  This camera is a fully functioning outdoor motion light that is also an outdoor camera recorder.  Simply wire it up for power and it will record on motion detection onto the hidden SD card.  It installs in minutes and will easily secure your home or business.

If you need something battery operated for your outdoor surveillance needs, then you might want to consider our SSC-773 or SSC-773V2. Both are battery powered outdoor camera recorders.  One will last for 3 days on batteries where the other will last 7 days on batteries.  They will record on motion detection or a schedule, whichever you choose.

To learn more about our outdoor camera recorders visit the links below.

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