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Secretly Record Phone Calls

If you have ever had a need to secretly record phone calls, then we have the product you need.

Secretly Record Your Phone Calls

The DPR-70HQ will quickly and easily install on your phone line and allow you to secretly record your home phone conversations.

It Records Automatically On Voice Activation

The unit has a state of the art voice activation mode. This means that you can set the record to start and stop with the phone conversations.  It will not waste countless hours.  It can be set to only record when your phone line is in use.

Installs In Seconds

Our phone recorder installs in seconds and requires no special tools or skills to install.

Installs On Any Jack on Your Phone Line

You do not need to connect the DPR-70HQ to any specific phone.  You connect the record to any phone jack on the line you want to record.  It will then record from all phones on that line.  It couldn't get any easier.

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